Friday, October 31, 2008

Joe the plumber eyes book deal, political career!WTF?

JOE the plumber is making the most of his time in the spotlight and there is even talk of a country music career.

Joe - real name Samuel Wurzelbacher - became a household name when he challenged Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama over plans to raise taxes on those earning over $US250,000 ($370,000).

He is now a mini-celebrity with possible plans to write a book or go into politics.

To handle the avalanche of requests for media appearances, he has signed with Nashville public relations firm The Press Office.

But there were suggestions yesterday that the suddenly famous plumber might getting a bit too big for his boots. Mr Wurzelbacher left Republican presidential candidate John McCain red-faced at a rally in Defiance, Ohio, yesterday when he was missing in action at a campaign event. "Joe's with us today. Joe, where are you? Where is Joe?" Senator McCain asked.

"Well, you're all Joe the Plumbers. So all of you stand up," the veteran Republican said after regrouping.

The awkward moment was apparently the result of a campaign miscommunication.

The burly plumber made good on his role as a campaign prop and turned up at a later event in Sandusky, Ohio, where he urged people to "vote for a real American".

One of the three people co-managing Mr Wurzelbacher is country music artist and producer Aaron Tippin, sparking speculation that a music career could be next.

But Mr Wurzelbacher poured cold water on that, saying: "I don't think people are that deaf-tone (sic) out there."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain Kicks Off "Joe The Plumber" Florida Tour

McCain Kicks Off "Joe The Plumber" Florida Tour

(DAYTONA BEACH, FLA.) – John McCain kicks off a bus tour through Florida today called the “’Joe the Plumber’ Keep Your Wealth Bus Tour,” although, interestingly, “Joe the Plumber” will not actually be involved. McCain has been using Joe as an example of how he believes Barack Obama’s tax plans harm small businesses and could cause the economy to stagnate.

“As he told 'Joe the Plumber', he wants to quote ‘spread the wealth around,’" McCain says often on the campaign trail.

“Sen. Obama believes in redistributing wealth, not in policies that grow our economy and create jobs and opportunities for all Americans.”

McCain is hoping Floridians can relate to the plumber from Ohio, as polls in Florida show he’s locked in a tight contest with Obama here.

The tour opens with a rally in Ormond Beach, followed by a series of events in Altamonte Springs, Orlando, Plant City, and ending with another rally in Sarasota.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jon Stewart-Joe The Plumber House

The Daily Show Funny Video!
Joe the Plumber's House
Like everyone else in the media, John Oliver is absolutely smitten with Joe the Plumber.

Friday, October 17, 2008

'Joe the Plumber' says he has no plumbing license

Accoding to FoxNews and the AP!

HOLLAND, Ohio — Joe the Plumber said Thursday he doesn't have a license and doesn't need one.

Joe Wurzelbacher, better known as Joe the Plumber, the nickname Republican John McCain bestowed on him during Wednesday's presidential debate, said he works for a small plumbing company that does residential work. Because he works for someone else, he doesn't need a license, he said.

Wurzelbacher, who voted in the Republican primary and indicated he backed McCain, was cited by the GOP presidential candidate as an example of someone who wants to buy a plumbing business but would be hurt by Democrat Barack Obama's tax plans. Wurzelbacher said he was surprised that his name was mentioned so many other times.

me. I wished that they had talked more about issues that are important to Americans," he told reporters gathered outside his home.

Wurzelbacher, 34, said he doesn't have a good plan put together on how he would buy Newell Plumbing and Heating in nearby Toledo.

He said the business consists of owner Al Newell and him. Wurzelbacher said he's worked there for six years and that the two have talked about his taking it over at some point.

"There's a lot I've got to learn," he said.

Wurzelbacher said he started his day with an early morning workout and came back to his suburban Toledo home to do live interviews with TV networks.

Reporters camped out by his house overnight and by midmorning there were 21 people

on his driveway surrounding him, holding cameras and notebooks.

Wurzelbacher said he's feeling overwhelmed.

"I'm kind of like Britney Spears having a headache. Everybody wants to know about it," he joked.

In Toledo on Sunday, Wurzelbacher told Obama that he was preparing to buy the plumbing company, which earns more than $250,000 a year, and said: "Your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn't it?"

Obama said that under his proposal taxes on any revenue from $250,000 on down would stay the same, but that amounts above that level would be subject to a 39 percent tax, instead of the current 36 percent rate.

Wurzelbacher said Obama's tax plan wouldn't affect him right now, because he doesn't make $250,000. "But I hope someday I'll make that," he said.

"If you believed (Obama), I'd be receiving his tax cuts," Wurzelbacher said. "But I don't look at it that way. He'd still be hurting others."

As he leaned against the Dodge Durango SUV parked in his driveway Thursday morning, Wurzelbacher indicated to reporters who crowded around that he was a conservative, a fan of the military and McCain. He said meeting McCain would be an honor but said he hadn't been contacted by the Republican campaign.

Still, the plumber wouldn't say who he was voting for and brushed off a question about whether he could influence the election or other voters.

"I don't have a lot of pull. It's not like I'm Matt Damon," Wurzelbacher said.

"I just hope I'm not making too much of a fool of myself," he added.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The First Joe The Plumber!

The word plumber dates from the Roman Empire[citation needed]. In Roman times, pipes were made of lead, or plumbum in Latin (hence the periodic table of the elements symbol of Pb for lead). Thus, a person with expertise in working with pipes was known as a Plumbarius[citation needed], which was eventually shortened to plumber.

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What Is A Plumber? Like Joe The Plumber

A plumber is a tradesperson who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, sewage, drainage, or industrial process plant piping.
[1] In most jurisdictions the piping for HVAC, fire protection, and industrial systems are installed by 'steam-fitters', 'pipe-fitters', or 'gas-fitters' tradespeople.

Many in these trades are members of organized labor groups (unions), while many are non-union. Years of training and/or experience are needed to become a skilled plumber; many jurisdictions also require that plumbers be licensed. A Master Plumber is one who has demonstrated mastery of the trade of plumbing within the complete aspect of all genre of the craft, or in one specifically. eg: Residential, commercial, institutional, multi family dwellings, underground municiplal, and high volume, long distance, transmission systems.

This type of "Master Plumber" may have worked in a single genre of the trade as a whole for many years, or may have experience in multiple generes' of the plumbing trade. Persons recognised, either formally, or informally, as a Master of their trade typically provide consultancy to developers, and even assistance to new plumbers in the trade, while overseeing large or even small plumbing projects.