Friday, October 31, 2008

Joe the plumber eyes book deal, political career!WTF?

JOE the plumber is making the most of his time in the spotlight and there is even talk of a country music career.

Joe - real name Samuel Wurzelbacher - became a household name when he challenged Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama over plans to raise taxes on those earning over $US250,000 ($370,000).

He is now a mini-celebrity with possible plans to write a book or go into politics.

To handle the avalanche of requests for media appearances, he has signed with Nashville public relations firm The Press Office.

But there were suggestions yesterday that the suddenly famous plumber might getting a bit too big for his boots. Mr Wurzelbacher left Republican presidential candidate John McCain red-faced at a rally in Defiance, Ohio, yesterday when he was missing in action at a campaign event. "Joe's with us today. Joe, where are you? Where is Joe?" Senator McCain asked.

"Well, you're all Joe the Plumbers. So all of you stand up," the veteran Republican said after regrouping.

The awkward moment was apparently the result of a campaign miscommunication.

The burly plumber made good on his role as a campaign prop and turned up at a later event in Sandusky, Ohio, where he urged people to "vote for a real American".

One of the three people co-managing Mr Wurzelbacher is country music artist and producer Aaron Tippin, sparking speculation that a music career could be next.

But Mr Wurzelbacher poured cold water on that, saying: "I don't think people are that deaf-tone (sic) out there."

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